I'm Elizabeth M. Johnson. 

My mission is to help people recognize and understand that sexual abuse can affect health and wellness long after the abuse has ended. I want survivors to feel less stigmatized and more understood. And I want providers to feel more capable and informed. 

I study trauma and health like other people study Game of Thrones. In other words, voraciously. I've been working with survivors and in abuse education since 2005 and I'm a survivor myself.

In other words, helping people understand how past abuse affects them or their clients (even years later!) is a passion. I talk, speak and write about how past sexual abuse affects issues like intimacy, childbirth, teen pregnancy, BMI and childbirth. You can find me on Twitter or Facebook, read what I’m thinking on my blog or learn more about my professional background on LinkedIn

A note about my company name: The name "Outside The Mom Box", comes from a belief that labels ("mom", "survivor", "minority") only separate and other people and in doing so, cause more harm than good. We are all more alike than we are different.