Are you a provider of services to pregnant women or new moms?

1 in 7 girls will be sexually abused before age 18. 1 in 6 women are adult survivors of rape or attempted rape. Yet most professionals underestimate both the numbers of survivors that they see on a daily basis and the impact of past abuse.

Survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) and/or sexual assault (SA) have a different set of issues that they face when they become pregnant, compared with women who haven't been abused. These issues don't go away when women have their babies.

Sadly for new moms, trauma due to past abuse can manifest itself in different but just as damaging ways as it might have before the baby was born. Many challenges associated with past trauma surface for the first time when survivors are seen by professionals whose scope of practice includes services of any kind to pregnant women and new moms.

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What people are saying about my trainings:


"I appreciate that this (training) is even offered in the area. I felt immediate excitement knowing Elizabeth has such excellent credentials. Her know-how, experience and knowledge shines through."
- Kallyn Boerner CD (DONA)

"The class should not be altered or changed. It was great! I really appreciate your work and dedication."
- Michele Harshbarger, RN

"The information was very relevant to the (doula) work that I do and the inclusiveness of the teaching made the program a safe place to be. I liked very much how personalized this was!"
- Gloria Maria Llanser CD (DONA), PCD (CAPPA)

"Everything was helpful. I really appreciated the inclusive language and avoiding generalizations. Great "classroom management" skills."
- Maggie Henderson

"Elizabeth's workshop was expertly run, organized and handled with the care that this subject matter deserves."
- Ashley Collins CD, PCD (DONA)

"Excellent, very worthwhile workshop!"
- Donna Zubrod MSc, LMBT, CD(DONA)

"The material was delivered in an easily digestible manner with a nice balance of lecture and class participation. Thank you."
- Emily Sullivan CD (DONA), LMBT

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*eligible for 7.5 DONA & ICEA CEUs.

Elizabeth M. Johnson, MA bio:

Elizabeth is a health educator who specializes in trauma-informed trainings to help professionals understand the affects of physical and sexual abuse on childbearing women. She has been working with abuse survivors since 2005 and have been doing stand-up training on health and wellness topics that affect women for almost fifteen years. Before the launch of Outside The Mom Box in 2013, she worked at a domestic violence agency and was responsible for all prevention programming and the management of a 24-hour crisis line, including hotline advocate training.  In 2014, she was trained by Penny Simkin and Phyllis Klaus to deliver the program based on their book, When Survivors Give Birth. She is one of five educators worldwide certified to deliver this program.