Update 2/1/16: My practice is full. Space for 2 individual clients will be available in April. 


Are any of the following statements true?

  • You put work, family or both before yourself.
  • You have an idea, dream or goal that you want to make happen.
  • Self-doubt, a lack of time and other people’s opinions get in your way.
  • You want to make a difference.


Good news! It’s your turn.

Bang It Out! Coaching is committed, intentional time-limited coaching around a specific goal. We meet weekly, for 1 hour each week via Skype or in-person for fourteen weeks.

How It Works: An initial discovery session to set the tone and establish clear language around your goal. Together, we'll look at roadblocks (perfectionism, people-pleasing, time management and more) and how confidence (or lack thereof) influences our actions and language. We will consider the role of inspiration, place and motivation. You’ll tackle specific weekly assignments designed to get you on an established schedule working toward your goal. There will be nudges outside your comfort zone and steps of daring that you weren't expecting.  All the while we’re following a customized road map which is both fluid and steady as we head to your goal. 

“Our work together has changed my life. I don’t even know or recognize the woman who walked into your office in February. Since we started our work together, I have achieved so many goals: personally, professionally, financially. You taught me to honor my passions and gave me every tool I need to be a better person. You have made an indelible difference in my life and my future. Thank you for your honesty, leadership and support. You are changing the world by giving women back themselves.”
—Hallie Kennedy

Pricing: Bang It Out! Coaching costs $1150.00*. The 90 minute discovery session is included. You have 3 payment options: 
A) Payment in full two weeks before the work begins: $978 (save 15%). 
B) Two equal payments:  $519 two weeks before work begins; $258 due at Week 5; $258 due at Week 12. (save 10%). 
C) Payment per session: $82.

*This price is for check only. Add approximately $35 for credit card.

Note: To give my clients everything mentioned above and more, I work with just two Bang It Out! coaching clients at a time. If there is a wait list when you apply, I'll let you know.

For the complete program description, click here.