Bang It Out! Coaching program details:


Committed, intensive time-limited coaching around a specific goal


Weekly, for 1 hour each week via Skype or in-person for a period of fourteen weeks

How It Works:

An initial discovery session to set the tone and establish clear language around your goal. From there, we will look at roadblocks (perfectionism, people-pleasing, and time management and more). We will also look at how our confidence level influences our actions and language. We will consider the role of inspiration, place and motivation. You’ll tackle specific weekly assignments designed to get you on an established schedule working toward your goal. There will be nudges outside your comfort zone and steps of daring that you weren't expecting.  All the while we’re following a specific road map to reach your goal which is simultaneously fluid and steady.  And because there’s a map, you’ll know when you’re off course. But just in case, we check in ~ 6 weeks to see how you feel about the progress you’ve made.

What You Can Expect:

    1    Honesty. This is a rarity that sometimes you need to pay for. I don’t know about you but I need honest, critical feedback when I have a new goal that I’m aiming for. I offer bites of both to you in a compassionate, straightforward way. 

    2    Support. I’m with you. Not a hitchhiker along for the ride but more like the gal who feeds the coal into the oven of the train you’re driving toward your dream.  And, I feed a lot your way. The end result is you feel understood, cared for and capable, never uncertain or alone.

    3    Enthusiasm. One of the things you need when you work toward a goal is a champion who gets it. My promise: I’ll love your dream and vision (I won’t take you on unless I do) with a passion that will feed yours in ways you never imagined possible.

    4    Resources. In the form of blueprints from lessons I’ve learned or maybe unexpected field trips, you can’t always be sure but know this: I don’t hold back.

    6    Goodies. Of the edible, sweet variety, in the form of an inspired card or perhaps just the perfect trinket to encourage you to step back…or ahead. Usually at just the right time. We all need surprise love sent our way. You’ll get it from me.

    7    And of course the usual that you’d expect: confidentiality, trust, energy and a commitment to your success.

The Fine Print:

Very little in life worth doing comes at no cost. Coaching is no exception. 

The program costs $1150.00. The 90 minute discovery session is included. These prices are for check only. For credit card, add approximately $35.

Payment Options:

A) Payment in full two weeks before the work begins: $978 (save 15%) 

B) Two equal payments:  $519 two weeks before work begins; $258 due at Week 5;  $258 due at Week 12. (save 10%)

C) Payment per session: $82 



Call me at 919 237 2370 or email me at outsidethemombox AT gmail DOT com

Let me know what questions you have and we can go from there.