Abuse changes your life.

You have the power to change it even more.

Physical and sexual abuse impact not only how a woman's body feels and what it is capable of but also how she thinks and feels about her body. For example, maybe you're someone who avoids routine healthcare or has trouble trusting people. This is not unusual.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

By understanding how and why the effects of past abuse can linger for a lifetime, you can not only help heal yourself but also improve your quality of life. When you recognize your triggers and how to manage them, your life and your work become less stressful and more in control.

Silence keeps secrets and shame locked up. Silence also adds stress and anxiety. I'm an abuse survivor so I get it. But I also know that talking about abuse cracks opens rusty locks and breaks down shame. When we tell our story, we take back the power and control that was taken from us. In doing so, we begin healing and choose our own brave ending. But talking is the first part. 

Talk to me or at join one of upcoming peer support groups.

Elizabeth’s peer support groups are gentle invitations to your own personal path of discovery. The greatest support, is when the individual touches that vulnerable spot within themselves, and feels the trust, the empowerment, and the confidence to speak their truth to the group. There is no magic here, though I sometimes feel a bit magical in my experience. At this point in my life, it can be more comfortable to utilize the safety of peer groups to get support in small doses.
— Juanita