Kind words from past program participants:

"The class should not be altered or changed. It was great! I really appreciate your work and dedication."
- Michele Harshbarger, RN

"The information was very relevant to the (doula) work that I do and the inclusiveness of the teaching made the program a safe place to be. I liked very much how personalized this was!"
- Gloria Maria Llanser CD (DONA), PCD (CAPPA)

"Excellent, very worthwhile workshop!"
- Donna Zubrod MSc, LMBT, CD(DONA)

"Elizabeth's workshop was expertly run, organized and handled with the care that this subject matter deserves." -Ashley Collins, CD/PCD (DONA)

"The best seminar/training I've ever attended is Elizabeth M. Johnson's "When Survivors Give Birth" seminar. It elevated my work and perception of why I am a birth professional." - Rebecca Artis-Jackson, CLS

"Elizabeth's class was a focused, clear, calm presentation of some very challenging and stirring material. This training is valuable for any healthcare provider working with women, not only as a gift to the mother but also as empowerment for the practitioner."
--Ruth Elliott, MPT, LMBT, CNMT