Your professional training didn't teach you how to respond to abuse survivors

but you likely see 2-8 female survivors every day.

You worry about saying the right thing, the wrong thing and resources to offer. Maybe you avoid doing or saying anything because you're not a mental health professional. The bad news is that indecision, avoidance or guessing can cause you to lose clients & patients.

The good news is that you can work better and with greater confidence. Here's how:

I offer trauma-informed trainings customized for audience and need. Programs range from a 60 minute keynote or Lunch and Learn to a full-day program. Training topics can include:

Loved it! Elizabeth opened my eyes to the depth and variability of what we call abuse. I feel better able to help those who may need anything, from a listening ear to a plan of care.
— Valda Ford RN, MPH, Owner "Sex Is Not For Sissies"
  • When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding how child sexual abuse and rape can affect women in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum;

  • Beyond "Intimacy Issues": How past sexual abuse in women can affect emotional & physical health across a lifetime;

  • Active Listening 200: How to Elicit a Trauma-Informed History including what to say; what not to say & best questions for better outcomes;

  • The Pain May Go Away But The Impact Can Linger A Lifetime: How and Why Providers MUST ask About Past Sexual Abuse;

  • The Ties That Bind: Re-imaging Teen Sexual Health Through the Lens of Childhood Trauma

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